About Cara Pearson

I’m stuck in the in-between.

The space that is not what it was, and not quite what it’s going to be.

It’s messy and uncertain. Disillusioned and hazy. Not what I thought it would be.

But it’s beautiful.


This is my journey through the in-between.

My journey through writing and words. Through weight-loss and healthy living. A journey through music. Through faith.

I’m no poet, and if you search for me, you won’t find my one published work, because it’s just one small chapter in a sea of chapters.

I am a girl traveling all too fast through her twenties, trying to navigate work, family, relationships (or the lack thereof), and my dreams.



Cara Pearson writes Speculative, Fantasy, Dystopian, and Mythology novels, but also has an interest in Chick-Lit. She studied Creative Writing and Journalism through the Christian Writers Guild.

Cara currently lives in Mississippi with her small army of dogs and one cat.


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