This Is The In-Between

I don’t post regularly because I’ve struggled with what to make this space. I’ve been told that I need to pick a focus–mommy-blogging (not a mommy, so this wouldn’t actually work), single woes, health, travel, become an expert in something and share, movie reviews, foodie, etc, etc….there’s a place for it all. Just make sure it’s only one subject. That’s the advice. And they’re probably right.

The problem is, that’s not me. I’m not a one-type-of-thing gal. I get bored with one thing and need to move on to the next, so that eventually I can come full-circle and land on my first interest. And then start the wild ride all over again.

I love food. I have recently learned a passion for health. I am a film-buff, and nerdy fangirl. I love writing, and animals. I enjoy natural living to an extent, and I crave community. I am a Christian, trying to navigate a rocky, single, totally confusing and heartbroken world.

So what should this space look like? That’s just it–this is the in-between. The space “that is not what it was, and not quite what it’s going to be.”

I needed to be reminded of that. This space is for life, the “messy and uncertain. Disillusioned and hazy.”

And it’s certainly not what I thought it would be.

But it is also beautiful.

It is a space for hope and new beginnings. A place where I can share myself…with myself. Someplace where I can hash out my life and try to make sense of it. And if no one ever reads my words…that’s okay. Because I’m not searching for fame.

And so it will reflect who I am. A wide assortment of crazy, practical, and refined. This is where I record my journey through the in-between.




One thought on “This Is The In-Between

  1. realmojo68 says:

    I absolutely love this. I too have an all-over-the-board blog and no plans to change it. We love coffee, Disney, Christianity, sister support, DoTERRA, coffee, animals, books, writing, coffee . . . My sweet sister Cara, you keep those wonderful facets all about you. They shine like the diamond you are!


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