Seek and Move

You take charge of your own life. If you’re not happy with it, do something about that.

If you’re not happy with your health–don’t complain. Don’t look for an easy fix. Take charge–plan a physical routine that will challenge you; learn how to make meals that are tasty AND good for you.

If you hate your job, do something. Interview for a new one. Or examine why you hate what you do–is there something you could start doing that would help? Is it a mental problem that you can fix with thinking positively about people/circumstances? How about the way you treat your co-workers?

What about your social life; tired of sitting at home with Netflix every night? Find people to hang out with who will challenge, encourage, and inspire you. Or look at how you can challenge, encourage, inspire, and seek out those relationships you already have but aren’t utilizing.

We are not victims of circumstance, as much as we’d like to tell ourselves so. Things happen, life gets messy. Time flies faster with every passing day. Our problems get bigger and more complex with each aging year. Our happiness is not dependent on whether or not things are going to plan…but instead upon our mindset. Choosing to be content, to be happy, will carry us far. Choosing to act, to pursue that which we want will actually get us much further than complaining about it.

This is what I told myself last year. It got bad–the desperation, the realization that my life wasn’t what I wanted it to be. And though I wanted to blame circumstances, or even people, for the way it looked…in the end, I had to make a choice. I had to move. I wasn’t happy with my health–so I got serious about it. After ten years of “trying” to lose weight, I lost thirty pounds and felt amazing. But I worked really hard for it. I was struggling at work–only to realize that my mindset needed to change. Constantly juggling three to four jobs was wearing on me, and I was letting each of them slip a bit at a time. I’m still learning to prioritize, to schedule better so that I don’t run into the same problems I have for years.  I had a co-worker tell me the other day that I was one of the nicest people to work with (if you know me, you probably snorted your drink out your nose at that–nice does not come natural to me and is a trait that Christ and all of my family and friends have been trying to build in me for years)–I have to make a decision each and every day to ignore gossip or slander, not to complain about others, and to find and point out the good in them. Crazily enough, it does get easier to do with every single day (it also helps that I work with an amazing crew! So most of that sort of thing comes from outside influences. And I’ve never actually hated my main job–it’s been the odd ones that come and go that got to me). I’m still working on the last; I am making more of an effort to reach out to those relationships I do have and to cultivate new ones. Far from perfect yet, but each day I make myself find someone to interact with–whether it’s a phone call/skype, a text, or a quick stop by their place. I’m still learning. But I am forming habits that are slowly changing my life into what I want it to be.

But ultimately, achieving the life you want–if moving in opposition to God’s will–is not going to be pretty. It might not be impossible. But is that really what you want?

There is nothing so stabilizing as the Word of God. Nothing so secure as His presence. When I think of what I want my life to be, He is ALWAYS there, at the center.

Seek Christ and the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added to you. Seek Him first. But in the end, you have to act. Your soul needs to rest in Christ. Your body must take physical action…or your feet will remain in the exact same, worn out, dirty spot that they have always been.


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